We have just seen the biggest loss in history suffered by a sitting government, a vote of no confidence and desperate attempts to upend centuries of UK constitutional tradition to reverse the referendum result.  This unpredictability is causing stress and disrupting people’s lives.

Of course 17.4 million people voted to leave the EU in the biggest act of democracy in our history.  But they now want us to talk calmly and dispassionately about where we’re heading and what our options are.

The only thing we know for certain – and Parliament was very clear about it at the time – is that having voted to trigger Article 50 we either leave on 29th March with a better deal than the one that was offered to Parliament or under the World Trade Organisation’s rules.

Sometimes called a “no deal”, I’m going to be explaining over the next few weeks what WTO rules are and how leaving the EU with “no deal” might work.  

And we want to hear from you.  What are your questions and concerns and how do you think this is going to have an impact on you, your friends and your families?  It’s important we address your questions so that we can all feel reassured, certain and optimistic about our post-Brexit future. Otherwise we’ll all get sucked into the political establishment’s negative, cynical and gloomy view of what life beyond Brexit will look like.

Leaving the EU is opportunity for our country.  It has always been about creating a better future and a country our children and grandchildren will be proud to inherit.  Get this right and our prosperity – and our democracy – will be in our hands and we will ensure that our best days lie ahead of us.

Rt Hon Esther McVey

Rt Hon Esther McVey MP

Please email your #Get2KnowWTO questions to yourquestions@standup4brexit.com

What preferential trade arrangements are in place so far?

What micro-agreements has the UK got in place so far with the EU and other countries?
If we leave under WTO rules, will I have to pay VAT earlier for imports?
If we leave under a WTO deal, will I have higher phone bills and will services like Netflix still work?
Will there be medicine shortages if we leave the EU under WTO rules?

Will planes still be able to fly if we leave the EU on WTO terms?
Recent developments around mobile phone charges if leave the EU on WTO terms.
Extending Article 50 would ensure we get the worst possible deal.