Campaign Mission Statement

Our mission is simple, to raise MPs’ awareness of the discontent amongst members of the public, Conservative activists, Chairmen and party members over the Conservative government’s Chequers white paper.

We aim to convince MPs to #StandUp4Brexit by rejecting Chequers and delivering the Brexit that was promised at Lancaster House and in the Conservative manifesto. That means leaving the Single Market, Customs Union and ECJ overrule.

The Chequers whitepaper does not deliver Brexit.

We object specifically to the following aspects of the Chequers white paper:

  • The common rule book allows ECJ overrule and severely hampers new free trade deals
  • The backstop allows Northern Ireland to be separated from the rest of the UK
  • Free movement of labour permits EU citizens to collect benefits whether in or out of work, without making UK contributions


Updates on and from MPs who've pledged to #StandUp4Brexit